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a reminder:

I have a cPanel server lying around mostly idle so if any of y'all need some web hosting for a WordPress blog or your personal site and can't afford it otherwise, DM me and I can host your site for free.

As always with these things, there are no SLAs and I reserve the right to refuse if I am not comfortable with hosting your content.

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While I am speaking to the new folk:

If you have come here expecting a place free of strife, drama, sadness and "discourse", you will be sorely disappointed.

This is a place where we cry, we get angry and fight, bicker and yes, "discourse". We mourn our lost ones. We talk shit about others in followers only posts.

The difference being that over here your emotions aren't being exploited and manipulated by a corporation looking only to next quarter's earnings.


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hello new followers!

If you are new to Mastodon, welcome! Feel free to ask me questions about how Mastodon works, if I can't answer, I'll boost it so that someone else can.

What to expect from me:

- a lot of art boosts (I do mean a lot)

- getting excited about competitive Overwatch

- music posting, watch out for my now playing posts!

- grumbling about various tech things (you can hear more of that over on the podcast I do -

- networking nerdery (AS393949)

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"On the fateful afternoon of April 8, 2017, yours truly was bored and decided he wanted to set up this hot new piece of social networking software called Mastodon. Little did he know how this bit of idle curiosity would affect his life months down the line.

This is the story from then to now in various pieces, as much as I can recall anyways. I don’t remember every detail but what remains is enough to write this post."

I wrote this post, I hope y'all read it.

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New Strip's up! Biff the Vampire - Soft Server:

Want to see more? Drop by the site! ->

Or get strips sent right to your Inbox! ->

OR! Check out the latest strip and More over at the Patreon!! ->

#SillyVamp #Webcomics #Comics #Mastoart

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Last night, my dream featured a man who could turn into a dragon. He was 1200 years old, scales reflected on his arms, with hair so long it blew in the winds. He scoured the deserts for someone. This person was so afraid of him. But when he found them, the touch between them was so... sensual, and comforting.
#art #mastoart #creativetoots #sketches #dreams

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A really angry bunny with some blood Show more

hmm nope, I don't think I'm gonna feel this album two tracks in

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if these new Denzel Curry singles are any indication of the quality of his next album then its about to be AOTY for me

TA13OO was my AOTY for 2018

I gotta give that Tyler the Creator album a listen hmm

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Hi hi! I'm in need of some cash so I'd like to open a commission slot for $12 pixel art (will b quick and simple like below)
(blinking is fre)

feel free to ask me abt other styles! Sprites and icons are also available

message me here or at my gmail

#mastoart #creativetoots #pixelart #pixels #commissions #digitalart #krita #commissionsopen

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The Cat

I spotted her on my walk. I wonder just what she was thinking?

Canon SL2/200D - Canon 18-135mm Lens - ISO 160

#photo #photography #animals #cat #springtime

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@staticsafe one fun(?) thing is that people who take SSRIs (and presumably also SNRIs) yawn more frequently, as do people going through opioid withdrawl, which lends a lot of credence to the idea that it has to do with serotonin and/or dopamine.

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@staticsafe we really have no idea! people have suggested everything from mood synchronization in social animals to it being triggered by various neurotransmitters to it being part of the regulation of body temperature.

why do humans yawn anyways?

I'm sure this is a question asked on r/askscience but I'll ask it here 🤷🏾‍♂️

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