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a reminder:

I have a cPanel server lying around mostly idle so if any of y'all need some web hosting for a WordPress blog or your personal site and can't afford it otherwise, DM me and I can host your site for free.

As always with these things, there are no SLAs and I reserve the right to refuse if I am not comfortable with hosting your content.

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While I am speaking to the new folk:

If you have come here expecting a place free of strife, drama, sadness and "discourse", you will be sorely disappointed.

This is a place where we cry, we get angry and fight, bicker and yes, "discourse". We mourn our lost ones. We talk shit about others in followers only posts.

The difference being that over here your emotions aren't being exploited and manipulated by a corporation looking only to next quarter's earnings.


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hello new followers!

If you are new to Mastodon, welcome! Feel free to ask me questions about how Mastodon works, if I can't answer, I'll boost it so that someone else can.

What to expect from me:

- a lot of art boosts (I do mean a lot)

- getting excited about competitive Overwatch

- music posting, watch out for my now playing posts!

- grumbling about various tech things (you can hear more of that over on the podcast I do -

- networking nerdery (AS393949)

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"On the fateful afternoon of April 8, 2017, yours truly was bored and decided he wanted to set up this hot new piece of social networking software called Mastodon. Little did he know how this bit of idle curiosity would affect his life months down the line.

This is the story from then to now in various pieces, as much as I can recall anyways. I don’t remember every detail but what remains is enough to write this post."

I wrote this post, I hope y'all read it.

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Just so everyone is aware: Beloit College, which I currently attend, just got done trying its best to kick out a brown Muslim kid. Right after Christchurch. At the same time as Erik Prince, the Blackwater guy, is about to speak on our campus.

The administration here _fucking sucks_. Please, do not come here...

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To get your first page of toots ever just append ?min_id=0 to your public profile page address

Vancouver rolling Boston over

Map 2 won by them

we are at match point

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Vancouver Titans win map 1, Vancouver looking strong πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

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Yesterday in 7Sins Discord I was like, "what if Seoul beat NYXL, wouldn't that be quite the upset"

I didn't quite believe myself so this is amazing

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Seoul Dynasty win map 4 and win the series!!

NYXL is now eliminated from stage 1 playoffs


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Selfie with eye contact, Day 80 of 365 Show more


NYXL win map 3 against all odds and keep their hopes alive in the series


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also for further context on that Levar Burton appearance, the lady on the left is Micah Burton, his daughter

the whole thing was very sweet ❀️

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Alright NYXL map pick again, map 3 is Volskaya

let's see if NYXL can come back or if we have a upset

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