a reply from /u/lolfactor1000 resonated

"Most IT people are nice if you act nicely. I enjoy helping and teaching users, but most don't care to listen so I don't bother teaching them unless they show interest."

being rude to customer service/tech support is gonna get you jack shit, in fact you are probably gonna get less now because now the human on the other end is not inclined to help your rude ass

I always say, "If you're mean to the waitstaff, don't be surprised if you have spit in your food."


Reading now.

Can confirm that people who have compromised their accounts can sometimes be less than perfectly kind. It usually gets worse if they chronically compromise their accounts.

@coryw yeah I've seen that exact issue at $WORK, folks with bad password hygiene and they wonder why they get continuously compromised


We enforce an expiration, though as of late last year IIRC NIST no longer recommends that specific practice, in favor of requiring longer passwords.

Our issue is mostly people falling for phishing scams. It's exactly like the poster of the link describes.

@coryw ah, I wish we could feasibly enforce password policies but we are a hosting provider with unmanaged services

to be fair to some of our managed customers, it more often outdated WordPress versions/plugins being compromised

@staticsafe The part about support is true. I used to do that for a few years. Nice people got helped as much as I could, sometimes even a bit more than I really should have, but angry/demanding people got the book and the absolute bare minimum.

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