if your instance isn't IPv6 enabled (both inbound and outbound), why the fuck not?

this is a callout post

@staticsafe well, there was that one time half of the traffic to scalie.business over ipv6 just didn't arrive because my host's network was badly configured...


@chr there was change in recent Mastodon (in 2.3.3) that retries delivery over v4 if v6 fails

I think it would be safe to re-enable outbound IPv6 on cybre.space and scalie.business with that

cc: @nightpool


@staticsafe @nightpool cybre.space has always had ipv6, it never broke so i never disabled it. will look into readding an AAAA on scalybiz tho

@chr @nightpool cybre.space inbound is fine but outbound is coming in over v4, which suggests a change in gai.conf address preference or something else

@staticsafe @chr yeah we did the gai.conf thing a while back iirc.

@nightpool @staticsafe oh yeah, that was our kludge to allow delivery to broken ipv6 instances before the patch, right?

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