if your instance isn't IPv6 enabled (both inbound and outbound), why the fuck not?

this is a callout post

also going to link this post here about doing IPv6 in Docker + Mastodon if Docker is your answer:



my long time standing offer to help instances with IPv6 deployment still stands BTW

thanks to @rey Mastodon (as of 2.3.3) is more resilient to IPv6 failures and will retry over v4

"request: in the event of failure, try other IPs (#6761) #6813"


if this is a thing you are worried about

don't run an instance, but find my technical understanding of IPv6 lacking. Any good resources for beginners to recommend?

@Dissemble I usually recommend beginners start with the Wikipedia page for IPv6, it has a reasonable explanation of the concepts with links to further reading in the references


@Dissemble np, if you have any questions feel free to join the IRC channel on Freenode, plenty of folks there who can answer your questions

@staticsafe I would love to, but always struggled with how to join irc anonymously. Is there a @matrix #matrix bridge?

@Dissemble I don't think so, at least not into

you can connect via Tor if you already have a registered account or use a VPN

@staticsafe I tried joining freenode using a vpn, but they blocked all the ip address from mine AND tor :( Perhaps they have since lifted those from the blacklist?

@Dissemble I don't know if they are still blocking those, sorry

@smallsees yep, extremely disappointing considering that their biggest competitor supports IPv6 quite well

really want to know what the hold up is there

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