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I need examples of FOSS projects with good governance models, please and thank you.

Preferably with links to read their policies/models.

Sadiq @staticsafe

"For example, a project can put extra effort into making it easy for non-technical users to
report bugs or have conversations with support staff and even with developers . This wouldn’t
necessarily be a good use of resources for all projects, but it could be for a project that
prioritizes user engagement, or prioritizes conversion of individual users (as opposed to
organizationally-motivated users) into contributors ."

Page 9, Open Source Archetypes

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"In general, the larger the audience for a given piece of software, the less likely it is that the users who engage with it as an open source project will be representative of the user base as a whole. However, the slope of this curve can be influenced by choice of archetype."

Also from page 9 of Open Source Archetypes.

Reading through these and I don't think Mastodon fits any of these archetypes exactly, the closest I can see is "Rocket Ship to Mars" combined with "Controlled Ecosystem" without the "out-of-core innovation and customization, such as via a plugin system ."

anyways, I have a lot to read and think about before I start writing this blog post about Mastodon's governance model

@staticsafe I've been thinking about this all day and I'm really glad you're going to write about it.

But the most important question actually right now is, what is Mastodon's governance model exactly? Is it written down and defined anywhere?

(please no sarcastic answers, I'm being serious)

@staticsafe gargron makes obtuse decisions, makes hard and fast rules at random, and sometimes is a little transparent about it


@wxcafe @staticsafe pretty much by what little i know of that

funny, i bet that gargron would be flattered to hear that

@hoodie @staticsafe he's doing a lot less yelling and has a lower capacity to assert his will (as in, not closing issues because he's afraid of conflict)

@wxcafe @staticsafe i mean he may be a better gargron but hes still doing BDFL and i aint got any spoons to spend saying why i wont ever support BDFL decision making

thats why i gave up the moment gargron got rid of a project manager

i can agree on a community project when its a community project

gargron removed the only person anyone ever near his level of power

@wxcafe @staticsafe gargron is essentially, without any jokes about king or queen, a king dethroning a prince or princess, just because they threatened his power

that's what removing maloki, and refusing my option for sosasa are, they're removing anyone who threatens them. not ok to see

@staticsafe @Gargron BDFL works great for software but less so for ecosystems/standards. Like when Python goes in a weird direction, the community can't really use their own incompatible version of the language, but everyone can fork or duplicate Mastodon easily.

I guess protocol/standards are also *easier* to evolve democratically too (way less surface)

@remram44 @staticsafe Thankfully I don't have any unilateral protocol-related power, the max. I can do is go and voice my concerns to the AP team

@staticsafe @Gargron Yep! And I don't really see democratic/consensus-based governance models being put in place ever. There's just the big old organizations like Apache, Mozilla, ... who tend to adopt (big, industry-backed) projects

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@staticsafe also i wouldn't say no customization happens outside of core dev. glitch-soc exists and there's been people doing local mods in the past

@KitRedgrave right but glitch-soc is mostly independent of Mastodon code proper and Mastodon doesn't really have a plugin system of any kind

the archetype was alluding to a strong plugin architecture like WordPress or Drupal

@KitRedgrave what I am trying to say is that I can't use glitch-soc features like I would use a WordPress plugin