I was wondering why the number of daily DNS queries for the tenforward.social zone went up on the 19th of August.

the total amount of DNS queries for that zone has actually surpassed zombocloud.com

tenforward.social - 154,576
zombocloud.com - 153,760

turns out that's the day the Wired article [1] mentioning Ten Forward was published

[1] - wired.com/story/join-mastodon-

total *monthly* for the month of August to be specific

but anyways, I keep the number of queries minimal by setting the TTL on long lived records like the A/AAAA for my Mastodon instances to 24 hours


also if anyone wants to see more graphs related to my Mastodon instances

I have them monitored by Munin here


@staticsafe Is Munin what you use to monitor instance performance?

@Are0h no, not really, I just keep those around to take a look at the graphs occasionally for the trends

I don't have anything monitoring performance, Icinga2 monitors if the server's resources are fine and if the web server is up and running but there is no direct measurement of the Mastodon instance's performance

@staticsafe I hear you. I feel like at some point I should look into better performance monitoring even though I’ve been pretty solid with the packaged tools till now.

@Are0h yeah monitoring things like Sidekiq queue numbers is something that I have on my long term to-do list

AFAIK Mastodon has statsd support built in which can be used for stuff like that

@staticsafe I really like that munin generate the entropy graph.
I seen it being a culprit of quite a few application bugs/latency.
(I still dont think the default prometheus exporter does it.)

I'm slightly jealous because I dont have access to any metrics from my instance :blobawkward:

@kyzh ah yeah entropy

that can be a problem on certain kind of virtualized systems (Xen PV for example) where there isn't 'real' hardware to provide the thing that generates entropy for the system's entropy pool

not so much a problem on KVM based VMs but you can install haveged [0] if your system is being starved of entropy (hence the stable graphs for my Mastodon installs), I install haveged as part of my server provisioning playbook

[0] - issihosts.com/haveged/

@staticsafe why never heard of it before?! This is pretty awesome, I'm sure I'll find a way to use it soon.

I'm glad you shared it :)

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