if I ever call a piece of tech "sexy" on Shades of Brown, feel free to call me out on that, thanks

"seductively undulating HP Imprint design"

lol just go write your erotica like you obviously want to my dude

undulating is a fantastic word though

let me try writing some Wired tech writer speak

"the sleek, svelte curves on the Nintendo Switch make the device a divine pleasure to hold. It is also a device perfect for your flexible lifestyle, usable in any position"

video ad of an Apple product with Nelly Furtado's Promiscuous as background music

relatedly this permeates everything in tech like the subreddit for pictures of aesthetically pleasing cable deployments called "cableporn" or the subreddit for screenshots of *nix desktops being called "unixporn"


like I mean ethernet cable has a lot of uh fun uses but that's not what the subreddit is for, is it?

@staticsafe The word porn increasingly means media for gratification, hence descriptions like inspiration porn and poverty porn.

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