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Stream great concerts wherever you are

Excuse me, Mozilla what? Why are you doing this and why are you sending this to the e-mail alias I use for my Firefox account?

also I don't recall ever signing up for such a mailing list, I just saw it on my work e-mail too which I used for a new Firefox account and I definitely didn't sign up for this mailing list there.

Somebody imported an entire list of addresses from the Firefox accounts database didn't they?

"We sent this message to x because the email address is associated with a Firefox Account."

fuck off

"If you'd rather not receive Firefox Account updates and tips, you can unsubscribe."

this e-mail has absolutely nothing to do with my Firefox account so double fuck off

my e-mail inbox is not a dumping ground for your poorly thought out marketing campaign, especially if I never opted in to it 🙄

I put it into the trash folder initially but nah this deserves to be fed to the SpamAssassin gods so putting it in the Spam folder instead

nothing gets me salty as companies dumping mail on me that I didn't opt into

you know Mozilla has offices in downtown Toronto, maybe I should print the message out and stick it to their office entrance

@staticsafe I would send Mozilla a complaint about that! I've not gotten any emails like that that I've seen.....but I've also disabled pocket and a few other things with my account.

@staticsafe at least you're in the US.

Don't get me started on the cultural imperialism it is, that Mozilla wants to stream "our favorite music" from new york and sends an unsolicited mail to me _in Denmark_.

@zatnosk I am not in the US :)

Canada, which just actually makes this worse

@staticsafe ah, sorry. My mistake, I read Toronto, and placed in North America in my head.

@zatnosk haha, no worries, I know some Torontonians would probably be salty about that assumption but I'm not too bothered 🤷🏾‍♂️

@staticsafe Sounds like a great idea, feel free to add my name to that note for Mozilla^wNetscape2.
Totally surprisingly I also got that mail. I went to account settings and it wouldn't let me modify anything and effectively said I wasn't subscribed!
I had to subscribe, reload page(⸘seriously‽) and then got through and could unsubscribe!
That's a major hug-up and might put them in hot water under some jurisdictions.

@staticsafe I think it might be if you signed up for Sync or whatever it's called? That's where I gave them the email I got my copy of this crap from.

@staticsafe not to mention put down the fucking phone and watch the show

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