Is there a script out there that will go through my follows list and unfollow accounts that have the "moved" status and give me a list of where they moved to or follow their new account?

well went through my following list manually and pruned as many "moved" status accounts as I could find

Mastodon could solve this by going through user's following list and puts accounts with "moved" status into a separate section

@staticsafe I started working on a while ago. It works, mostly, but I'm not sure about the "follow new account" functionality.

@dconley well I say that but the API auth seems to be broken, is the source public somewhere?

@staticsafe Right, I think I got as far as I did with publicly available information, and then maybe gave up? You can see your followers, right? Just not follow them or anything.

@staticsafe it's all js, so this is the sum of it (I was trying to do it in pure vanilla js)

@dconley @staticsafe I feel this is something Gargron and Mast devs must solve at the source. Moving instances should simply bring our folowees *and* followers. No notice or ‘click over here to re-follow me’ notices required.

I’ve heard they have a bug report/user story loosely mapped out for this in GitHub. I guess it just hasn’t been a priority yet.

@dconley @staticsafe And I wrote which is a Python script you run locally to do the detection. If someone wants to expand it to add the update-follows functionality, PRs or forks are welcome!

@staticsafe One problem I've seen with writing off moved accounts as no longer active: people will set the moved flag on their account, then come back to the old account when their new main instance goes down

@staticsafe I have a half-baked/works-on-my-machine thing to do this, it would need you to have rust installed tho

@balrogboogie turns out I do have rust installed on my IRC VPS so that works for me

@staticsafe k, give me a sec to clean it up and push it out to a repo

@staticsafe gah sorry, something is broken with my mastodon client, give me one more minute

@staticsafe np, it might still have some wrinkles to iron out, just let me know

@staticsafe oh also I forgot to add the part that persists your oauth creds, so every time you run it you'll have to re-auth 😕

@staticsafe ok, added that, if you pull the repo you'll stop having to re-auth over and over

@staticsafe I would honestly love to just mass-unfollow everyone who hasn't posted more than once or twice since we became "mutuals" within the last year or so. :P Unfortunately, doing this manually is beyond cumbersome on my dying laptop and I've just given up.

@xenophora oh yeah I have tried that before and its very tedious to do manually even if one's computer is fine

@staticsafe I just hate that feeling of desperation all those "empties" connote. ("Oh sure you ran back to the popular kids' table after 5 mins. with me but I just KNOW someday you'll be back!" [wipes tears )

How can you see the moved status in your follow list?

@webmind people putting 'moved/dead' in their display names or accounts that I know have moved to a different instance

there is no way to check just from the follow list for sure at the moment

@webmind I mean its a flag in the database I presume and it might be present in the API output for the account's information?

@staticsafe Hmm, do you have an example of one in a followers list where someone has set their account to moved? (and not only added 'moved' in their display name)

@webmind additional note, once you unfollow an account in that status, you can't re-follow them (follow button disappears), so Mastodon does know about the moved status in someway

@staticsafe I added a move detection to my script:

But I don't have a followpage/list to test on.

This btw, only lists accounts that are gone or have been moved. It doesn't unfollow them, that's still a manual process. Partly also due to it can give false positives.

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