damn Talon Esports (KR) vs Cyclone Coupling (CN) is going all the way to a map 5 tiebreaker

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one of GE Pantheon's supports is called "Medic" and they are playing Mercy

nice one

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alright onto European Contenders VOD(s)

Contenders Europe | One.Point VS Team Gigantti | Round of 4 Day 3 Match 1 | S3: Playoffs


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happy to see more Wrecking Ball and Ashe in these Contenders compositions 👌🏾

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Lilbow absolutely popping off with those Lucio sound barriers hell yeahhhhhhhhhh

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alright EU Contenders day 3 VOD is done, time to take a look at North America day 1

Contenders North America | Fusion University vs Team Envy | Round of 8 Day 1 Match 1 | S3: Playoffs


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excuse me why is this VOD 7 hours long?

oh four matches, first to 3 wins

image description
Fusion University vs Team Envy
Second Wind vs First Generation
XL2 Academy vs Uprising Academy
ATL Academy vs NRG Esports

hell yeah Lijiang Tower is the first game, my most favourite map 👌🏾

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Fusion University vs Team Envy going to a map 5

I've watched so many map 5 tiebreaker games today damn

I guess this is what happens with this playoff teams that are more evenly matched

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@staticsafe your hype got me to redownload OW since I have Ethernet haha

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