I am deeply suspicious of Spotify's move into the podcast market with the purchase of Gimlet Media and Anchor

LB: mastodon.zombocloud.com/@stati

I think this is a platform play by Spotify to increase engagement in their platform which will eventually probably lead to profits


Related: I think putting podcasts and music together in one application/service is a crappy idea.

They are both audio yeah but that's where the similarities end, I still think dedicated podcast management applications do a much better job of handling podcasts IMO.

I don't think people listen to podcasts the same way that they do music.

Also related: these streaming services making plays into the podcast ecosystem is increasing the amount of surveillance capitalism in the podcast listening experience by a significant amount.

You best believe, Spotify is keeping exact track of where you paused/stopped/skipped in a podcast episode and is possibly monetising that information.

Yes, I know the world of podcasting already has corporations managing medium-to-large podcast networks but I've always seen those as somewhat benign and also a necessity for legal reasons.

And those corporations mostly seem to be content with monetising podcasts by the method of ad reads inside episodes with essentially no surveillance and clever use of demographic based targeting.

Streaming services on the other hand, I don't think care about podcasting at all, its just a means to an end.

jokes about Squarespace ads aside, I think the reason they are so prevalent is that the market for people who need/want a website is basically...everyone

and its up to the host of the podcast to sell it to their particular audience

that said I'm still tired of them though lmao

@staticsafe spotify doesn't have a 30 sec forward or backward button, know way to speed up audio to 1.5x or 2.0x, no way to cut out dead spots, no way to keep track or get notified of new podcasts getting updated...they're barely related, there's a reason i spent $8 on PocketCasts lol

@staticsafe in Germany podcasts were not monetised for a long time. Even today most of them (at least those I tend to listen) are donation based by the fans. It was a very strange moment when I listened the first English one and they went for the sponsors at the beginning and commercials during the show. I felt taken out of the context so drastically that I stopped listening and rejected the podcast.

@Bobo_PK @staticsafe

it might well seem like "opamusik" but there are reasons why I listen to Dutch pirate radio streams, if you hear any ads at all they are for stuff like construction materials for local business and other such things that you might expect with the territory...

@staticsafe from American podcasts I learned mainly that I despise SquareSpace lol

@piggo yeah there is something to be said about advertisement saturation there

@staticsafe as someone who works in marketing at a company that has advertised both on spotify and on podcasts- they sure as fuck are going to use that data.

@staticsafe yeah there's a reason why i use the iOS Podcasts app separately from Spotify

@staticsafe I've used Spotify for 10 years, and also listen to a lot of podcasts, using a history of always-imperfect apps.

In the last month, before the Anchor announcement, I experimented with Spotify for podcasts. It's fantastic.

In fact, I've listed the podcast I record there too.

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