Follow is very suspicious.

Bot looking accounts and they somehow found my private AD account that I haven't advertised publicly since it was originally created and also actually has been inactive since July 2018.

@staticsafe yeah, they found my publicly-inactive private alt as well

@staticsafe I've blocked the domain after the third account that followed me around here without any seemingly real content

@staticsafe that person is crawling and massively following people to get attention, repeatedly. I think an instance block is the kind of attention they deserve.

@staticsafe I had very peculiar experience with that dainty as well.

I was followed by one account, which was following thousands of others. They had lots of poetry and art posts. Was it just someone craving attention for their creations or something like spam that tries to trick heuristic filters?

Then I was almost simultaneously UNfollowed by that account and followed by a second very similar account from the same domain...

Then it happened AGAIN...then the third account UNfollowed


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