This is why I try to avoid using Mastodon Direct Messages as much as possible.

It is hella confusing for no good reason.

@staticsafe "it makes sense if you used twitter"


I just said something to @brandon in another context but so many developers - and I'm as guilty - have a hard time avoiding "making a better X," in favor of "solving the problem X solves better than it does."

@emsenn @staticsafe I think the proper solution would be to include both people's profile pics (something like the way boosts look)

@staticsafe extremely same.

( / i was on masto for a looooooong time before discovering this 'cause i probably wouldn't DMs much anyway but it's definitely worked to keep it that way )

@staticsafe Everyone's a critic but at least they're grouped in conversations now like you'd expect from an inbox or Twitter DMs tab instead of a huge stream of messages to scroll through

@Gargron The huge stream of messages was easier to use and less confusing in my opinion.


@Sylvhem @staticsafe If you talk to only a few people, maybe, but if you talk to a lot and you want to find something that's not recent?

@Gargron It doesn't really solved anything, it just displaced the problem I think. Now I have a difficult time getting back to old conversations.


@staticsafe I don't use the DMs tab and wish they'd bring back homefeed DMs.

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