current status: getting nostalgic about quotes in EntropyBot's quote database

EntropyBot (

good ol' supybot/limnoria

me: I should write a systemd service file for this IRC bot so it starts on (re)boot properly and what not

also me: eh I'll just put a @reboot cron job in the user's crontab, works just fine


cron jobs that hide technical debt make the world go around

@weekly systemctl restart mastodon-sidekiq

an example, to prevent it from leaking RAM

speaking of broken things, munin collection was broken from this server since i hardcoded the listener IP and that IP changed when I moved the VPS oops

there must have been a reason why I hardcoded a listener IP instead of just "host *" but that reason is lost to time as I never wrote it down

probably the way munin-node and/or Perl handles listener sockets if it is told to bind on all available addresses

@staticsafe That's less "prevent it from leaking RAM" and more "mop up the bits it leaked all over the place".

@Gargron @nivex yes I've been using it for a long time now, it just leaks slower now

@staticsafe cant leak ram if you have none extra to leak *tapping head*

@zac ah yes, the Linux OOM killer method of managing RAM

@staticsafe it's shocking that any internet services work at all, and cron is the duct tape that holds it together

@staticsafe Spouse who does QA for a mid sized internet company agrees.

There are also rumors of sites exploding in production because you can't test the cron jobs in staging.

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