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since people are boosting month's old posts, this is my first post on Mastodon back in April:

*me back in April*:
This Mastodon thing looks cool, something new to set up and play with, who knows if I'll use it long term

*me now*:
I love all my new friends and I'm staying here forever

fun fact: is the domain I use for usually doing temporary server stuff that I want to try out


if I knew I was gonna be here long term I would have probably use on of my other domains

Mastodon (the software) was still fairly rough back when I joined in April, but it has since then improved a *lot*

you don't have to believe me on that one, go to the github releases page and read through the release notes for the big releases

Sadiq @staticsafe

I know there is still a lot to criticize about the Mastodon software and that's important to do but let's also take a moment to appreciate all the folks responsible for the rapid pace of improvement

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a reminder that 99.9% of the people contributing to Mastodon's development do this on a volunteer basis (Eugen being the only exception AFAIK)

@staticsafe this may be different now due to the involvement of pixiv... hmmmmm

@bea @staticsafe And Dwango/Kadokawa (who run Niconico Douga) - they hired the guy who runs and run a corporate instance at - although I'm not sure how much they do in dev. The two instances seem close to stock.

@staticsafe in the bikeshed wars with Mastodon lets also not forget that users leaving the corporate silos and joining the independent fediverse is still a win, even if it's via software with inferior federation capability.