Free Pro Tip (tm) from me:

If you are trying to advertise Mastodon to someone who is frustrated with Twitter, start with talking about Mastodon's strengths instead of Twitter's weaknesses.

In a similar vein, if you are introducing Mastodon to someone who doesn't really do micro-blogging but has heard of Twitter, emphasise Mastodon's strengths instead of Twitter's weaknesses.

This I find is a better way to convince people.


I use a similar approach on the rare occasions I champion any free software. At some point it needs to stand in its own merits beyond being a $PROPRIETARYTHING alternative.

what's really harsh: when, while away from Mastodon I tell people how much community, respect, control etc. Mastodon has, how comfortable it is etc... and then I finally come back to find that abusers have long worked out how to use Mastodon really well 😟

@staticsafe What would be a good starting point to summarize Mastodon’s strengths? I guess it might depend on the wants and frustrations of the person you’re talking to on what you should lead with?

@Yarideki yeah that definitely depends on the person's interest(s) and what sort of community they might be looking for

@staticsafe for example: "You could try to use this blog to share the emerging underground Kawaii culture from the federated social networks (or P2P or blockchain)"

@staticsafe in general, advocate things for what is good in them instead of what is bad in their competitors

and focus on nice people. If you don't know yet ask or tell them that mastodon in anti-cap, has cw so that it's a great party for many people, that everyone dislikes nazis here, that it's build to limit harrasm.....still listening?

For nice people (if they are into social networks and such) that might be already enough of an argument to join.

@staticsafe I just joined today and I'm still getting used to it, so not sure if I like it yet. Any tips/tricks/pitches?

@polyplacophora welcome!

Alright tips:

You can use your instance's federated timeline to find users to follow.

You can search hashtags like in the search bar.

You can also put URLs of users in the search bar and your instance will pull the user to your 3rd/4th column and you can interact with them directly from there.

Make sure to check out the Preferences page for anything you might want to change.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask, I or others can answer them.

@staticsafe I use twitter for breaking news. If I can get that here, I’d visit more often.

So I guess the question is: What do you think that Mastodon's strengths are?

I would feel that instances and the fedverse itself are mastodon's biggest strengths.

Joining a community around a person's interests is a means of insuring that said person will always have something to engage with.

On the flip side of that the fedverse insures communication and discussion between instances, keeping the barriers to entry rather small.

@duvjones good question.

As you mentioned, I agree that the instances themselves are a very compelling strength.

Another thing that I think is a strength is that it is software that respects the user, it doesn't badger you with notifications to "engage", it doesn't care about those "metrics".

It is software that when it asks you, "What's on your mind?" does not have an ulterior motive beyond just that question, like a good friend.

@staticsafe @duvjones its particularly refreshing these days to see when I use Masto that absolutely no numbers appear in icons of ublock origin or privacy badger; and if I check the logs of these extensions nothing sketchy is flagged up there. This is *very* rare indeed online in 2017!

@staticsafe @duvjones I would also mention the increased ability of content control afforded by instances. An instance has rules that permit content you don't want to see? You can hide the entire instance with two clicks. (Plus, CWs are a great thing as well)

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