ah fuck.

Got laid off from $WORK this morning.

I have savings and my severance pay but I need to start looking for work ASAP.

If anybody is hiring a sysadmin||devops||networking||customer support person, please let me know. Willing to relocate though remote is preferred.

I would also appreciate a few bucks in my Patreon for some peace of mind:

I also have PayPal if you prefer that:

Please boost this.

@staticsafe can you give an idea of what timezone you operate in and where in the world you are willing to relocate.
That woukd help to sned the right people a nudge

@kyzh I'm in EST, preferable relocation somewhere in the US or Canada.

@bea @staticsafe Operation Put Sadiq Out On Front Street is a go, repeat, we have a go condition.

@djsundog @staticsafe lol yeah i pinged him, we'll see when he gets back to me...

@lmorchard @staticsafe

same for mapbox, we've pretty much always got some listings up. we've got a couple of options location wise and remote is possible too

@lmorchard the senior operations engineer position looks ideal for me, I'll apply!

thanks for letting me know

@staticsafe Hopefully it works out! I've been at mozilla for 9 years as of May and been a remotie for all but 2 months. I like the place a lot :)

@staticsafe Udacity is hiring folks like that and you wouldn't feel terrible working for an education company. They have international efforts so they're very well set up for remote.

@staticsafe Good luck man.. I'm in the same boat, but I have a good support network, I've been unemployed for over a year :( I never thought that would be the case.

@staticsafe check out - we've got openings but I'm not sure in which parts you'd be interested :)

@staticsafe Good luck. I hope you find something worthwhile.

@staticsafe I know of a few low level positions in Chicago. Let me know. Good luck!

@rizzn yes, I do. Do you want me to provide a link or should I e-mail it to you?

@staticsafe IBM needs a couple of network engineers in Herndon if you can get a government security clearance.

@staticsafe telarix in Washington DC is hiring devops and support personnel.

They guild software for Phone companies.

@staticsafe *build.

Remote is also possible. The interview process is pretty much the worst, but beyond that stuffs good.

@staticsafe Lots of jobs in the states if you're willing to leave things like severance pay, healthcare, any job security whatsoever, etc. :P

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