I wrote a small thing, a thing with a hopeful message.

"The Web Endures"

@staticsafe thanks for this. its easy to get lost in the hypothetical dystopia that everybody (including myself) fears is approaching

@staticsafe Beautiful piece! I couldn't agree more. Tiny, super creative communities are flourishing, it's up to those of us who care to help them thrive and grow.

@feoh @staticsafe As someone who's been stubbornly keeping a webforum alive against the odds & the tide for the past decade - yes, all of the above!

@JubalBarca @staticsafe Very cool what kind of forum? Those are making a comeback because of things like Discourse.

@feoh @staticsafe Kind in terms of topic matter or software? Topic-wise, originally mostly game modding, these days a mix of indie game dev, tiny bit of modding, some other misc geeky projects & an eclectic articles section. It's run democratically & collectively owned by a core of voting members. :)

Techwise, we use Simple Machines, which is a bit cranky but does the job and we're so short on staff that I'm covering the tech role which is not ideal.

( if you want a look)

@staticsafe I *love* Neocities, and discovering it filled me with a lot of nostalgia and hope. Thanks for this post; we should remember to look on the bright side.

@nolan yep, I saw the post by Dave Rupert you shared earlier and was reminded of Neocities, Mastodon, WordPress etc.

The Internet (and by extension, the Web) is a technology of peace that was literally built for war. It is designed to survive the most devastating cataclysms nature and humanity has to offer. Whatever may happen to one of our "tubes", we have the whole "series" of them on the backup. And if not... Well, we'll just build us some more.
As long as people of the Net stay devited to the Net, we can survive anything.

@staticsafe Shit. A typo. *devoted of course.
Mastodon really needs an edit button. May be with an edit history or a simple notice "edited", of course, but still.

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