I'm gonna watch this after this episode of BitSocket finishes

just got around to watching the Networks card talk from , next up I'm watching this one:

"Tightening the Net in Iran
The Situation of Censorship and Surveillance in Iran, and What Should Be Done" by Mahsa Alimardani


Mahsa calls out CCC on the recent news about harassment at CCC events in her talk



Mahsa also makes another point in her talk that is very important.

She mentions that we can't just tell Iranians to move away from using Telegram because it is as much a social and cultural phenomenon as much it is a technical one.

According to her, Telegram provides a framework that permeates Iranian internet culture in a very specific way.

She says that we should focus on making Telegram better and that Telegram should be more proactive rather than reactive to human rights issues.

also Mahsa at the beginning of her talk clearing up potential questions about her accent:

"I grew up in Canada, this is a Canadian accent"

🙏🏾 🙏🏾

@staticsafe how can we even help make telegram better if it's closed v_v

@er1n I guess we just keep calling them out on their fuckups very loud and publicly

that's all we can do I think, Telegram needs a change in leadership more than anything but that is not feasible for the general public to do

@staticsafe @er1n Time to tell Putin to step in and remedy the situation. :-D
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