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my mech is Exia from 00 because its hella rad okay

okay maybe its also Wing Zero Custom from the Wing Zero movie Endless Waltz

speaking of Gundam, these are the series I watched:


I barely remember what happened in Wing and Seed tbh

Speaking of which, a souvenir from the one and only time I went to Anime North

A Mobilesuit Gundam Seed complete best songs CD which of course has my favourites like Believe and Realize

I have heard some of these songs probably 100s of times playing the Versus games on my PSP goddamn

I also remembered I have the 00 OST collection in my music library

the OST was done by Kenji Kawai but the OPs/EDs by various artists are very good as well

some examples:

Friends by Stephanie
Daybreak's Bell by L'Arc~en~Ciel
Ash Like Snow by The Brilliant Green
Trust You by Yuna Ito
Namida no Mukou by Stereopony

@staticsafe I listened to the 00 OST on the bus an hour ago O.O it is very good.

Are you playing the new Versus? I need to carve some time on it

@rrix I haven't picked up the new Versus yet, probably will soon, its in my PSN wishlist

I think Waypoint did a stream of it a couple days ago

@staticsafe ooooh shit I will look RIGHT NOW I lov those kids

Sadiq @staticsafe

@rrix its not on YouTube yet but the Twitch VOD is here

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@staticsafe that was fun to watch, thanks for the pointer :)

@staticsafe also Austin called out Daybreak's Bell as the best OP

@rrix mmhmm Daybreak's Bell is very good but I'm partial to Namida no Mukou or Trust You myself

@rrix yeah! I should redownload it so I can watch through the whole thing has been a while

the movie on the other hand..

@rrix nope, nothing about the movie was particularly appealing to me

though I watched it back when it came out, my tastes in media have changed since then and I might like it more now

@staticsafe really though, i agree. the movie feels entirely superfluous, only to fulfill the newtype-as-god trope, which is always my least-favorite

@rrix wasn't that the whole conceit of Seed and Seed Destiny? my memory about those is even more hazy

@staticsafe Seed tried to walk some of it back, but yeah. I like the zeta, unicorn interpretation of the whole newtype trope, along with how they approached it in late-UC as less of a "war machine god man in a robot" and more of a nuanced and human take on it.

One of these days I'll write down my thoughts on this in longform, I think. The newtype theory stuff is actually really fun to think about.