"On the fateful afternoon of April 8, 2017, yours truly was bored and decided he wanted to set up this hot new piece of social networking software called Mastodon. Little did he know how this bit of idle curiosity would affect his life months down the line.

This is the story from then to now in various pieces, as much as I can recall anyways. I don’t remember every detail but what remains is enough to write this post."

I wrote this post, I hope y'all read it.

a reflection on this post, one of the sub-headings is "Don't be Lance Ulanoff":

That is basically an inside joke and only to a specific demographic on Mastodon who were here when that even happened.

Everybody else is gonna be like "???"

@staticsafe saving for later. Still want to replay with a single user instance. Or local for friends.


I read it.

"Mastodon told me that social networking did not *have* to suck and I could help it not suck."

That, exactly. Without even a wafer of tech skills I have learned this same thing.

Really enjoyed your post, thank you.

@staticsafe It's amazing what can be accomplished in boredom. For me it's more a series of (un)fortunate events: "Heard about it, now let's try it." But so far Mastodon seems to be a keeper 😀

@staticsafe one day before me! gonna be a lot of instance anniversaries around then

@staticsafe Nice read. This first year (for me too) has been an adventure.

@staticsafe gonna mod my instance with an API endpoint that sends webfingers to random instances. it looks for @WilliamShatner@[instance] and every time it doesn't get a hit, the API implementation writes a thinkpiece
@twitter @staticsafe oh that is cool, I hadn't seen the Automated Prayer Project before. is that still up?

@ninjawedding @staticsafe hmm, i have no idea (hadn't thought about it in a long while, heh)

i hope it is :)

@staticsafe great piece.

I would submit that if you're a tech journalist looking for the next great megaphone you'll be sorely disappointed with Mastodon. It's not designed to do that well. I'm pretty sure Lance bounced off of Google Plus too because I'm doesn't do broadcast well.

but yes, this place is growing and taking stock of how it looked in April vs how it looks now does a disservice to the platform.

@staticsafe this was a good read! interesting how mastodon has developed


"Mastodon told me that social networking did not *have* to suck and I could help it not suck. Be the change you want to see in the world etc."


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