Oops went out to get some lunch and apparently a Nintendo Switch


hmm think I'll get the Pro controller and a microSD card as well


does putting the Nintendo Switch in sleep mode affect download speeds (its plugged into power)?


:o I can plug it in to ethernet using a USB Ethernet adapter

@staticsafe haha we went out and bought one on a whim with @Teenwhistle just a few hours ago :')

@staticsafe Did you get BTOW? If so, see you back here in about 8 weeks or so I guess 🤔

@staticsafe If you get stuck, just ask. I know my way around pretty well by now.

@staticsafe What I mean is, because reading walkthroughs on the internet can destroy all the fun of exploration, I can give you some more subtle hints if needed.

@staticsafe I absolutely LOVE my Nintendo Switch. I hope you do as well.

@thegibson @staticsafe and splatoon 2 is the multiplayer shooter where nobody does a cuss at you

Those are exactly what I would recommend. Also a tempered glass screen protector. I suggest the amFilm brand.

@staticsafe Definitely get the controller, yes.

As for SD cards, you need to get a very fast one, else don't bother. The internal storage is pretty fast but loading a game from a regular SD card takes forever.

I prefer cartridges where possible to save space on the internal storage.

@staticsafe And also it's easier to pass played cartridges on to friends and their kids :)

@stsp that's fair, its just I've switched over entirely to digital copies of games at this point, I don't own any physical

@staticsafe @stsp sad part about digital is that the storage is limited and someday they'll shut down the servers to redownload them so it will be impossible to play your old games

@feld @staticsafe Might have open source emulators ready by then. At least I would hope so.

@staticsafe it does feel like that for me, that's why i'll always put it in standby in the dock when downloading games

either that or the time estimates are way off

@staticsafe Not sure. But I'm quite certain it keeps downloading while it's docked and left alone.

@stsp yeah I'm seeing traffic on the router from it, I was wondering if it affects the speed in anyway

@staticsafe Enjoy real life until it's done downloading I suppose 🙃

If anything, I notice it downloads faster than when left on.

@staticsafe don't do it. slower and higher latency because it's USB2. They haven't firmware updated to turn on USB3 yet...
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