my most favourite thing about watching EU Contenders is Legday's hair which is amazing

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SP9RK1E's (pronounced Sparkle) Doomfist is absolutely bonkers, absolutely countered GC Busan Wave's 3-3 composition

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Haircut done, getting some late lunch at a fish and chips place

here we go, some more pictures of me wearing the stuff

I have Toronto Defiant merch :D

I wasn't expecting that photo to be in there, that's a nice surprise :D

welp I can't seem to unscrew the screws that are holding the motherboard (circled in red), they are too tight and I can't get enough leverage with my crosspoint screwdriver

due to the length of the included cable and the weight of the device, it actually doing this hovering thing over the switch, kinda cool actually

New mouse is here, it is a bit bigger than my old in but that’s fine

also whatever font they are using in Twenty Nineteen looks a bit weird especially for hyperlinks

alright I haven't done one of these screenshots so here

Kassandra with her eagle companion Ikaros


Discord is one of the few places I use an anime avatar lol

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