A @tootapp feature request:

The ability to filter what type of notifications appear in the notifications tab. Right now favourites and boosts appear there along with mentions and I would like to not see them there.

NB: I'm not talking about the "Notifications" section in the app's settings, that applies to what gets iOS notifications.

gonna give the new Masto single column layout a try for a bit and see how it affects my use of Masto in general

Selfie with eye contact, Day 166 of 365 

LA Gladiators win map 3 and win the series. Score now 3-0. Map 4 will be played.

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LA Gladiators win map 2 and move up in the series 2-0 at half time

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still can't believe that the Philly OWL team hashtag is the complete dad joke smh

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next up, last match of the day: Washington Justice vs Los Angeles Gladiators

Map 1 - Nepal
Map 2 - Horizon Lunar Colony
Map 3 - Numbani
Map 4 - Havana

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Philadelphia Fusion win map 4 and win the series 2-1!

Rough for Boston to end the series like that on Gibraltar with Colourhex flubbing a Graviton Surge and then then getting full held

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Philly win map 3 and tie up the series 1-1.

Map 4 will be the decider.

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Playing with curves and steps again, in black ink, for today's #inkyDays drawing.

#generative #art #ink #drawing #mastoart

Newest drawing at bottom of post: InkyDays 06/12/19 - patreon.com/posts/inkydays-06-

Map 2 is a draw! Boston needs one more map win to win the series!

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Boston take map 1, that Blase Doomfist is working well for them!

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@chuck @thurloat seconded, I have been using Fastmail personally for a few years now and highly recommend them

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